Father Time's Stainless Steel
Binder Clips

No More Rusty Clips!

For years, scientists have been plagued by corrosion of the usual office-style binder clamps used in electrophoresis. We now offer Father Time's Stainelss Steel Binder Clips, a corrosion-free stainless steel binder that eliminates the rust stains and other problems associated with ordinary steel binders. Corrosion tested in acid!


Catalog Number Product Description Price
(U.S. $)
1062 SMALL 2 cm. wide, 7 mm opening. Pkg. of 12. 60.00
1064 MEDIUM 3 cm. wide, 12 mm opening. Pkg. of 12. 70.00
1066 LARGE 5 cm. wide, 2 cm opening. Pkg. of 12. 80.00


Scientist: I want to use the Father Times Binders stainless steel clips in a high temperature oven. At what temperature do the clips lose their gripping tension?

Idea Scientific: We are not sure of an upper limit, but we have a user who claims to use at 700 degrees Farenheit (371 C) without problems. We've provided the clips for some unique uses. Salt water underwater clipboards, CHiPs forensic labs, dialyzer bag clips, even pizza bakers who mark pans with specialty pizzas with a Morse Code to keep track of the pans as they are moved around the oven. Clips and handles are stainless steel and will withstand any food industry stainless steel cleaning method.