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Chameleon Submarine Gel Instructions (html version)

Chameleon Submarine Gel Instructions (pdf version)

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No wires to break No gaskets to leak

Our submarine gels have plate electrodes rather than the usual breakable wire ones. The UV-T gel trays have notches to keep gels from floating or sliding and a unique tape-free cold aluminum bar casting system. The vented cover functions as a stabilizer and allows easy loading through the cover. An internal port allows buffer recirculation.

The MINI-CHAMELEON has a centimeter ruler etched into the gel tray which casts a centimeter ruler into each gel. Or, users can make their own "puddle gels" on their 3 1/4" by 4" glass slides. The inclusion of three trays and six combs makes the MINI-CHAMELEON a great value. The CHAMELEON can accomodate up to five combs allowing electrophoresis of up to 120 samples per gel. Ideal for PCR samples.


Catalog Number Product Description Price (U.S. $)
6002 PREMIUM MINI-CHAMELEON SUBMARINE GEL Includes apparatus with plate electrodes, connecting cables, three trays, four casting bars, three 6008 combs and three 6009 combs. Inquire
6001 STANDARD MINI-CHAMELEON SUBMARINE GEL Same as 6002 but with platinum wire electrodes. Inquire
6004 7x10cm gel tray, not UV-T, no ruler (Seldom needed as system includes 3.) 40.00
6008 8- well, 1mm thick comb (for Mini-Chameleon) 10.00
6009 14- well, 1 mm thick comb ((for Mini-Chameleon) 10.00
6011 PREMIUM CHAMELEON SUBMARINE GEL Includes apparatus with plate electrodes, connecting cables, one 11 by 15 cm. gel tray, two casting bars, and one 6014 flip-over 12 and 24 well comb. 350.00
6010 STANDARD CHAMELEON SUBMARINE GEL Same as 6011 but with platinum wire electrodes. 320.00
6014 Flip-over 12- and 24- well, multichannel compatible 1.9 mm comb 35.00
6015 Additional 11x15 cm gel tray, includes one casting bars. 45.00


Scientist: Do I need to use the stir bar system to recirculate my buffer?

Idea Scientific: Only rarely (usually with low ionic strength buffers) is stirring or recirculation needed.

Scientist: Why should I order a Premium submarine gel with plate electrodes?

Idea Scientific: They give faster runs and are more durable than platinum wire.

Scientist: How do I make multiple "puddle gels" on 3 1/4 by 4" glass plates for my Mini-Chameleon?

Idea Scientific: Lay a credit card or other spacer on glass plate. Position any well former that is long enough across plate with two binder clips above credit card. Remove credit card and cast gel by pipetting 20 to 30 ml of cooled agarose onto the plate. Surface tension will keep the agarose from spilling off the plate if agarose is cool enough. This description was condensed from a devotee: The combs are suspended above glass plate (across the 3 1/4" span) with your smallest size Binder Clips (or regular binder clips, but I like your stainless steel ones better because they don't get so corroded). The binder clips are left on the well formers, save for (extremely) infrequent cleaning, because it is a pain to get them positioned just right. Be careful to clip at the very end of the comb so clip does not touch glass. We use 1.5% high quality agarose with 1 ug EtBr/ml (you can use less, but it tends to bleed out during storage). You need to use a high percentage because the gels are so thin, and the well bottoms may be too weak with lower percentage. Volume of gel is near 30 ml applied with a 25 ml pipette. If you pipette straight down, not too fast, the gel fills the area of the slide and goes no further due to surface tension. Sometimes the corners need to be filled just a bit. Gels harden very very quickly, within 10 minutes. Gels can be stored, sans slides, in 1X Buffer (I don't bother adding EtBr to the buffer as I go through them fairly quickly). Well volume is 5 ul. Resolution is fantastic.

Scientist: Why is the Chameleon flip over 12/24 well former so thick?

Idea Scientific: It is designed for easy loading with an 8 or 12 place pipettor. Chameleon is designed to load as many as 120 samples in as few as ten steps.

Scientist: Are the plate electrodes in Premium models replaceable?

Idea Scientific: Yes, if they are somehow damaged, new ones are easily bolted in.

Scientist: My Mini-Chameleon has three trays but only two sets of casting bars. How do I cast three gels?

Idea Scientific: Find a level spot long enough for all three trays to be set end-to-end. Set up is: bar-tray-bar-tray-bar-tray-bar.